Christmas Clash 2014

10857841_10152591348748613_6675697703829931741_n SUPERFLUOUS EVENT LORE:

After every Christmas season, the data-crunching elves at the North Pole's Department of Analytics for Yuletide Success and Procedural Activity (DAYSPA) compile all the information retrieved from the sensor array on Santa’s sleigh. Using this dataset, DAYSPA elves search for trends and anomalies in the overall condition of the Christmas season and formulate lots of neat candy-themed charts and graphs. These delectable data visualizations are then served to Santa, who considers how the information ought to impact the manner in which he structures the Christmas operation for the coming year.

This last year, Santa noticed one incredible anomaly among his many peppermint-flavored histograms. While flying above the city of Indianapolis, his Spirit-O-Meter seemed to show an absurd spike of residual Christmas Spirit in the air. After making a list of historic Christmas Spirit levels in major US metropolitan areas, and then checking that list again, there could be no mistake--this spike was unprecedented. So faster than he could eat your plate of milk and cookies, Santa sent his most elite team of DAYSPA elves to find the source of this mysterious anomaly.

Following a few distinct wisps of pine scent through the city, the DAYSPA team found themselves at the intersection of 15th and Delaware, right outside the Harrison Center for the Arts. Unsure of what powerful and majestic presence rested behind those doors, the team removed their sandals and made a timid knock upon the door. Several minutes passed, and there was no reply. Noticing additional windows near the entrance, Tinsel, the most daring of the DAYSPA team, ventured across to the windows and gave another knock. A few second later, the doors swung open as a 14 year-old girl popped her head out, inquiring about what they wanted. (It’s important to point out here that, as elite agents, the DAYSPA elves had access to advanced technological disguise systems.)

In a short amount of time, the elves found themselves in front of an incredibly dapper young man named Andy. This man explained to them that if they were looking for a significant event that would have caused such a spike in spirit, there was only one possibility: The Christmas Clash.


This event, Andy explained, was the work of some enterprising young students who felt a need to spread the spirit of Christmas throughout their community. They roped their artistic and musical friends into helping, decking the halls of the Harrison Center and ding-a-ling-a-ringing their instruments until they could carry an audience through classic hymns and soaring Sufjan ballads alike. Word spread throughout the community of this grand preparation, and on the night of the event, the venue, shimmering in silver & gold, was packed with neighbors and friends eager to support such an ambitious journey of redeeming cheer.

After hearing the report of his elves, Santa was astounded. He wanted to give a token of appreciation, a way to help this grass-roots effort. Grabbing a candy cane pen, he scribbled “Christmas Clash” into his gingerbread itinerary for December 20th and ordered his elves to prepare a grand package of sugary foods, beverages, and decorations.

If you choose to accept this invitation, there is a grand challenge that is presented to you, the audience of the 2nd Annual Christmas Clash. It is to bring joy and cheer, and to bring it in abundance, and to bring it to share. As John Wesley wrote in a 1761 hymnal, “Sing lustily and with good courage. Beware of singing as if you were half dead, or half asleep; but lift up your voice with strength. “

In this season that seems to grow more suffocated by consumerism and greed each year, join us on Saturday, December 20th at 7:00 PM in the Underground of the Harrison Center for the Arts, and help us in providing a glowing and overflowing antidote of genuine joy within earnest community.