Connecting with Indy Flats


As an artist, Josh Betsey has exhibited his work at the Harrison Center. We are excited to partner with him in new ways in his position as Service Coordinator at Indy Flats Apartments. Betsey is introducing Indy Flats residents to the Harrison Center as he helps connect them to all that living in urban Indy has to offer.

I’m Josh Betsey, the Service Coordinator for Indy Flats Apartments, comprised of nine historic buildings on Indy's near northside. I started with the company as a leasing agent, learning the ins and outs of the properties and leasing guidelines before becoming settled into my current role as Service Coordinator. Ultimately, a service coordinator's job is to improve the quality of life of the residents living there. Doing so involves connecting the resident population with information about local services that might benefit them such as health, food or utility services. In addition to retaining the current residents, I’m also charged with attracting new ones through marketing efforts including advertising flyers, Craig's List posts and social media. With four of our nine buildings being newly rehabbed after undergoing a lengthy construction period, we need as much publicity as we can get to fill them with qualified applicants, so outreach is very important. Currently, my biggest push is to get local businesses involved in offering discounts or coupons for the things our residents use and enjoy. Creating partnerships with local businesses offering food delivery, groceries and housewares is intended to encourage our residents to buy local, helping local businesses to thrive and making the area more vibrant.


The Windsor, 1235 N. Delaware Street

Feeling more connected to the area you live in creates a sense of community and close personal connections make residents more inclined to renew their leases and refer friends or family. Another big part of my position, is creating community events that bring the residents together for recreational purposes. After moving our office from Meridian Street to 13th and Delaware, Indy Flats and the Harrison Center officially began sharing the corridor and I saw a perfect opportunity to cross market our products. For years, I’ve been impressed with the variety of amazing things that take place at the Harrison Center and I wanted to give our apartment community the chance to experience it for themselves. After a meeting to discuss how the two organizations could partner, our entire apartment community is now encouraged to experience the Harrison Center in its full splendor. I’m excited to see where these new initiatives take us in 2017 and I’m eager for our residents to take advantage of what the Old Northside has to offer.