CUTS: A mixed media exposé on rogue cells

Katie Basbagill is a photographer and a mixed media artist, who debuted her first exhibit in her Dad’s band’s practice room at age four . It was an exploration of the relationship between drywall and crayon. 

That was just the beginning.

She has spent the last decade of her life focused on global human rights issues which has taken her to six  continents and 50 countries documenting the interconnectedness of humanity through captivating visual storytelling and bringing human rights issues to light. She has partnered with numerous organizations to produce work that highlights the importance of civic engagement in peace and justice issues, and curated both local and international art installations urging community involvement in social issues.

Katie’s most recent work has been uncharted territory. As she turned the camera on herself, she has courageously documented her journey of a late-stage cancer diagnosis by creating large-scale mixed media pieces of her experience and struggles as a patient. Her uncensored body of work, “CUTS: A mixed media exposé on rogue cells” fearlessly delves into the taboo topics of death and dying, suffering and frustration, shaving her head, and living life to its fullest. In the process, she has unlocked a treasure trove of healing that she hopes everyone will find challenging in some way. 

Katie is a self proclaimed high-five extraordinaire, part-time philosopher, and deejay wannabe. She loves chai-tea, most things with rhinestones, and collecting vinyl records. She can be found writing, creating art, taking a nap, or mapping her next international adventure. 

More of her work can be found at