De la France à Indianapolis


“I love creating new things,” said artist and HCA summer intern, Anastasia Glock, “and I love going new places where there are new things to experience.”

Leaving the foothills of the Alps in her hometown of Grenoble, France, Anastasia Glock hopped the pond and grabbed a spot on the HCA intern team for the summer. As a summer intern, as well as a temporary resident of the historic Old Northside neighborhood, Glock is experiencing the authentic urban Indianapolis lifestyle whilst she seeks direction for her future career in the midst of HCA’s artist community.

“I am trying to decide whether to I should pursue an education in the fine arts, or in design,” Glock explained. “I am hoping that my time at the Harrison Center this summer will help me make that decision.”

As Glock works to develop her personal portfolio, she does so in the immediate company HCA artists Liz Smith, and Kate Oberreich who are sharing their studio space with her. By splitting her time between working in her studio, talking with other HCA artists, petitioning Indy to join in the international Make Music Day with her 5x5 idea, and helping HCA pull off the Independent Music + Art Festival , FoodCon, and our yearly envelope project, (we know, it’s quite the agenda!) Glock has become an integral part of all HCA goings on.

We certainly hope her time here in the states with us her points her in the right direction!