Dreaming the Ka-Bike-O-Scope with Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley


Ki-net-ic art- a form of art that depends on movement for its effect

Earlier this summer a public art installation almost two years in the making was unveiled just north of Garfield Park on Pleasant Run Trail. It all began when Mark Kesling, the founder and CEO of the daVinci Pursuit had a vision for collaboration between artists, scientists, and the community in the form of public art projects.

After hearing Kesling’s vision, artist Quincy Owen and his scientific partner Luke Crawley got to work on what can only be described as the mother of Indianapolis kinetic, public art projects… the Ka-bike-o-scope.


The Ka-bike-o-scope is comprised of many intricate and interconnected structures, including color wheels that are mounted in a 12-foot high sidewalk overhang. The wheels, powered by the fitness-inspired stationary bike and hand crank, rotate and mix the transparently tinted panels into a symphony of color.

Now, after nearly two years of planning and fabricating, the Ka-Bike-O-Scope is up and spinning. All it takes is a little bit of exercise!