Epiclesis Liturgical Art Show

  epiclesis moving in sync


Moving in Sync, Barb Knuckles, Elyce Elder, Kathryn Dart, Redeemer Community

Featured in Gallery No. 2 this month is the Epiclesis liturgical art exhibit. This group show, with work inspired by the liturgical calendar, presents liturgical art that has been created as visual interpretations of Advent, Lent, Pentecost, and Ordinary Time.

epiclesis signs and wonders


Signs and Wonders, Paul Baumgarten

This exhibit builds on an ancient tradition of displaying visual expressions of faith in houses of worship. Its purpose and intention is to lead congregants into a contemplative spirit, and a ponderance of this great mystery that is worship. While banners, tapestries, and icons have traditionally characterized liturgical art, the work from this show is unique and surprising, definitely unexpected and possibly even shocking at times.

epiclesis apostle


Apostle, Quincy Owens

The uniqueness of the Epiclesis liturgical art exhibit originates in the hands of its creators. You see, local artists created all the work in this show for local liturgy, and in this way it becomes holistically communal. “This show features work created over the past few years that has all hung in the Redeemer Presbyterian sanctuary,” HCA curator Kyle Ragsdale explained, “The work itself does not look like traditional liturgical art because it draws from contemporary art and craft as it follows the liturgical calendar.”

epiclesis the cup


The Cup, Emma Osborn

Be sure to stop by Gallery No. 2 and let the Epiclesis liturgical art exhibit take you into contemplation and reflection.