Discovering Indy: Fall Creek Place and Beyond


Ever since I accepted a summer internship at the Harrison Center, questions about Indianapolis began creeping into my mind. What will it be like? Will I be able to walk to work? What will I do for fun? Will the restaurants be good? What will the community be like? And on, and on, and on. Yet, I never made plans to visit before I moved here. I just kept hearing great things about Indy, so I just went for it.

fall creek place

Now that I’ve been here for a few weeks, most of my pre-existing questions have been answered. As it turns out, I am able to walk to work since I live on the lower side of Fall Creek Place. And luckily, I knew a few friends who are already established here and they were kind enough to introduce me to the Cultural Trail, Woodruff Place Flea Market, Sunday afternoon porching, and last but not least, the Independent Music + Art Festival. I was also introduced to delicious meals and snacks through a few of these events. From home-cooked City Suppers, to Jockamo’s and India Garden, I’m enjoying every bit of it. I think it helps that such great people gather around these meals, though. It’s exciting to be part of a community that so dearly loves its place in the world.