Fine Lines

Visit the HCA's Speck Gallery this month to view Fine Line, glass works by Matt Kenyon and a series of paintings by Elise Snow.


With titles such as, "With a Lego Between My Toe," "4:00 AM," and "Supper Shuffle," Snow reimagines daily domestic tasks as adventures of line and color, superimposing her abstract interpretation of chaos and noise over recognizable scenes of daily life.


"I began these paintings by replacing my tendency to tidy the house with my desire to draw. Scattered toys, pile of laundry, dirty dishes, and loose crayons are portions of the subject; edited and depicted with a simple contour line. The counterpoints are abstract shapes, patterns, and gestural marks.


These pieces are depictions of the emotional and physical interruptions of domestic life (the noise, the clutter, the chaos). I am examining these interruptions as a means to challenge my drawing habits, explore paint, and disrupt my process. Intuition guides, lines rush and ramble; control meets chaos." -Elise Snow


The line work and vivid colors in Kenyon's blown glass reflect the abstract elements of Snow's paintings, and range from fluid, solid sculptures with rainbow lattachino glass to delicate, lavender vases.

The show is up until December 30. Don't miss it!