Basic Needs, Simple Solutions

Food Con VII, our annual unconventional convention, is happening at the Harrison Center in April, thanks to sponsors Basic Needs, Simple Solutions.  Basic Needs, Simple Solutions’ goal is to partner with humanitarian organizations that see communities they work in suffering from a lack of clean water, proper nutrition, clean air, suitable shelter and medical and dental care . . . basic needs. Much of their work to date has focused on communities in Central America where services and supplies that we take for granted are scarce. bnss-logo-rgb-500x184 (transparent) (1)

So, why Indianapolis? Basic Needs, Simple Solutions is excited about the work they are doing and want you to be excited about it, too! By raising awareness of the growing methods that can be used year-round to produce edible biomass (aka fruits and vegetables), their hope is that these methods can be employed to address the need for a clean food supply locally, but also that people would join in their efforts to meet basic needs of people worldwide.

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Join us on Friday, April 7th from 6 to 9pm as we gather  in the courtyard  and the gym to celebrate the art and culture of food in Indiana. You can learn about community gardens, hydroponics, aquaponics, tower gardens, kombucha, kefir and more. We’ve learned that a growing number of people really care about the food they eat and where it comes from. Be sure to stop by the Basic Needs, Simple Solutions booth to learn more about the good work they are doing here and around the world.