Food, Culture and Community - Foundry Provisions

72629_172047666286526_1030158179_n Most of us have a favorite hangout spot in our neighborhood. A place where we not only enjoy being but one that makes us feel connected somehow to the community in which we live.  It might be where our friends meet up, where our neighbor works, where we can get some work done or where we can just relax. These places can become a part of our daily or weekly routines and grow on us. For residents of King Park and surrounding areas, Foundry Provisions is quickly becoming one of these places.

Occupying the building that formerly housed the Herron School of Art metal workshop (referred to by locals as a "foundry" even though it never was truly one), Foundry Provisions offers patrons a variety of locally produced goods including coffee, tea, soups, sandwiches, pastries, and sweets. Manager Kimmie Burton has dedicated her efforts since before The Foundry's opening in March of this year to creating a space where people can come and have a unique cafe-going experience, one that makes them say, "Oh my gosh, I love Indianapolis." In addition to the interior designed and installed by a local artist, you can also find different artwork on the walls every month by Indianapolis artists. Chances are if you head there on a Friday night you will see and hear live music from local musicians, another way in which The Foundry aims to bring the community closer together.


The idea behind having all things local is to encourage patrons to not only support and experience Indianapolis but also to instill a sense within them that this coffee shop can be "their spot." Often times it is more difficult to make that connection to a franchised restaurant or coffee shop because every store is geared towards the sale of the same products that are not unique or specific to one area. While that serves some people well, there is without a doubt a deeper connectedness available to a place where you are surrounded by elements of the community in every sense, which is exactly what The Foundry does.


Despite being such a new establishment, there are already a variety of food options available; one thing that The Foundry hopes to do as it moves forward is expand its food menu using quality local food sources and be able to have more rotating specials. All in all, Kimmie expressed her pleasure with the local support and the positive response thus far to Foundry Provisions, a place the neighborhood most certainly enjoys and benefits from having around.