Food, Culture & Community: Duos "Slow Fast Food"

Duos-370x300 Yesterday I sat down to a wonderful lunch with my intern boss, Andrew Christenberry at Duos Kitchen. Located at 2960 N. Meridian Street in the International Medical Group building, Duos serves a refreshing spin off of slow cooked soul food that they call “slow fast food.” When you walk up to either of their two locations (the other located 720 Eskenazi Ave.), or if you approach their delightful food truck all you can smell is the aromatic symphony of spices, and rich, robust aromas of food stewing and bubbling in its flavorful sauces. Andrew went with the standard, but always delicious Balance Bowl, which features a bowl filled with fresh spinach topped with rice, black beans, and a mixture of cook vegetables topped with Sriracha per Andrew’s request. For a little extra you can add chicken or tofu to your Balance bowl as well.


Now, with it being my first time at this lovely establishment, it took me quite a while to scan and narrow down my choice on their appetizing menu. Eventually I decided to go with the Black-Eyed Pea Stew on rice, a simple but extremely flavorful dish. For our dessert choice, which in itself was a hard choice because of all Duos’ amazing homemade desserts, Andrew went with Coconut Macaroons and I selected their Tres Leche cake.


After savoring my meal I could only wish I had the power to give Duos Kitchen five stars for their amazing food, and friendly service. The prices are great and it is worth the payment for the large servings. Do yourself a favor and clear your lunch break schedule, take your appetite up Illinois and prepare to have a delicious experience at Duos Kitchen. Also, be sure to grab some food from the Duos food truck at the Harrison Center on most First Fridays!