Food, Culture, & Community: The Grub House

FullSizeRender (9) For lunch today Andrew and I went to the Grub House on 20th and College, a modest and humble hole in the wall establishment created in 2014. This place’s menu features some of the best soul food I’ve had in a long time. Andrew had their house-favorite chicken philly with a heaping side of fried okra, while I went with the perfectly seasoned fried catfish alongside the fresh, seasoned fries. Their food is cooked to order which means piping hot plates when it’s brought to your table, which is crucial for the best eating experience. Through our first Grub House experience we realized that a must have to accompany your meal is the made in house Kool-aid, which is super sweet but helps round off your meal perfectly. All in all I would suggest this as a prime place for a lunch rush meal. It's the perfect alternative to the cliche sandwich or burger fast food joint.

FullSizeRender (8)

After finishing our meal we met with Kiandra who was quick to point out that her favorite item on the menu is the chicken philly with a large side of those special seasoned fries. As one of the Grub House’s personable servers, Kiandra enlightened us as to what exactly the Grub House is all about. “There aren’t many places in the neighborhoods nearby with this cozy atmosphere, and this food selection… especially not our special fries,” she proudly explained. “We want to make it a point to be friendly with our customers. Our owner is really big on friendliness.” We then asked Kiandra about their delicious food. “We cook everything to order,” she said, “and we always make sure the food we serve is fresh and exactly what the customer wants.”


Our experience at the Grub House has set the standard for us when it comes to an exceptionally friendly and delicious lunchtime experience. During our short lunch we watched people from a number of different demographics enjoying their meals as they interacted with each other and the staff. It was truly an inspirational dining experience we won’t soon forget.

So if you ever find yourself in Herron-Morton Place/Fall Creek Place/Martindale Brightwood with those lunchtime hunger pangs, stop by the Grub House and give your lunch a little soul.