Fountain Square in the Fall

I’ve lived in Fountain Square for the past four years and absolutely love it. Among my friends and colleagues, I’m known as the neighborhood’s biggest fan. While I could ramble endlessly about my friendly neighbors, the tasty restaurants, the proximity to downtown, the biking amenities, the small businesses, the appalling lack of car mufflers, and the booming housing market, I’ll focus on the arts.  We have two fantastic artsy events coming up soon-so get out your calendars! 1) Art Squared is Saturday September 22nd. This is Fountain Square’s best day! Hands down. Art Squared is three great events combined into one day: Masterpiece in a Day, the Art Fair, and the Art Parade. I recommend coming down to the neighborhood for lunch and staying all afternoon- many restaurants have new outdoor seating! After eating, you can walk around and see artists creating work in the street. Some people are painting, others are drawing, and some are taking photographs. Wander down to the Art Fair, listen to live music, and buy yourself something cute. Maybe a necklace, hand bag, or baby gift. My favorite part of the day is the Art Parade, scheduled to start at 5pm. Candy, chickens, dancing robots, and a lawn mower contingent. Simply charming! Art Squared is truly the best time to see the neighborhood and meet its residents.

2)Tonic Ball is Friday November 16th. This ultimate music showcase is a fundraiser for one of the neighborhood’s favorite nonprofits, Second Helpings. Musicians play in 3 different venues and visual art is displayed at New Day Meadery. The event is in its 11th year and is always a rocking awesome time. Tickets are $25 and they do sell out. Trust me-I met some very sad people in front of Radio Radio last year.

I look forward to seeing you in my neighborhood in the next few weeks! You’re welcome to park in front of my house. There are some fab little houses for sale on my block that I think you might like.

Alyssa Starr Newerth is a proud Fountain Square resident and urban advocate. During the cool months, you can find her every Thursday night at the Red Lion Grog House, drinking hard cider, eating their homemade veggie burger, and losing miserably at trivia. As a member of the Lacy Leadership Association, Alyssa is participating in the “Urban Living Cadre,” a group of folks who are dedicated to downtown living and want you to feel the same.