Friends and Well-Wishers

gallery for 2.8.13 blogpost The Harrison Center has been so fortunate to enjoy generous support from the community over the years.  We recently received a donation to our annual fund from frequent First Friday attendees (and sometime exhibitor--Lon is a painter), Lon Hall and Sue Rutherford.  We were touched by the accompanying letter of encouragement and asked permission to share.  Below is an excerpt:

Dear friends at The HCA -

... We love The HCA for the following reasons (and more):

-You are inclusive; *very* many artists get to show at the Harrison, many of whom might have a hard time finding another venue to show in, though all are worthy of doing so.

-You are inclusive in respect to your patrons; anyone and everyone are welcome with open arms...and very wholeheartedly.  There is snooty-pooty in this world, and then there's the HCA.  Long live the HCA!

-I've never known an organization that set its eyes on a very lofty goal and then executed so explemplarily on that goal, and even more remarkably, fueling that engine on fumes; the almost unnerving variety of stuff you guys have going on there on any FF is just astonishing!

You guys will always be dear to our hearts.  Viva the HCA!

Your friends and well-wishers -

Lon Hall and Sue Rutherford

We're blushing!  But, we couldn't do what we do without your support.  So, thank you to Lon and Sue and everyone who has encouraged us, whether with a donation, by attending our events, or by purchasing art from one of our galleries or studio artists.  It means more than you know!

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