Getting Connected with HCA Artist Kate Oberreich



Here at the Harrison Center, the cultural work that our artists are doing everyday cannot be contained within our walls. It moves throughout the city, it affects place for the better as it improves the overall cultural wellbeing of Indianapolis. With this in mind, we’d like to turn your attention now to one of our artists named Kate Oberreich.

Oberreich, who has worked out of HCA Studio #015 for about a year, is becoming more and more an advocate for the arts in Indianapolis. How is she doing this, you may ask? Well, take one look at her work experience and you’ll see.

Oberreich’s prior work in Indy fits neatly into the theme of getting people connected to culture of our city’s art scene. She has worked as a Membership Associate at the IMA, she is the current Chair of the Fine Arts Advisory Council at Ivy Tech, and was at one time the Manager of Educational Services for the Stutz Artists Association.


For the last few months she has offered her artistic talents to the Arts Council of Indianapolis as the Artsgarden’s new "Cultural Concierge."

“My day-to-day duties involve helping to promote the various arts and cultural events, and programs going on around Indy,” she explained. “We also host about 300 performances each year, most as a part of the lunchtime concert series called ‘Garden Jams,’ as well as monthly art exhibits.”

One of Oberreich’s favorite aspects of this position is that it enables her to reconnect with the local arts community in a personal way. “As an artist myself, I want people to know about the amazing artists and organizations in the city.”


As Cultural Concierge, Oberreich works to build awareness and visibility for Indianapolis’s arts and cultural attractions, as well as to answer questions visitors have concerning the city of Indianapolis. Her work is increasingly strengthening the interconnectedness of Indy’s artist community while also inviting people in to experience what our city has to offer.

So the next time you’re walking through Circle Center Mall and find yourself in the Artsgarden, stop by and introduce yourself to Kate. She’ll be sure to get you connected.