Getting to Know Indy with Lowland Hum

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“It’s a really special treat to be able to actual get to experience this city. Usually we’re just driving in by evening, playing a night show, then continuing on in the morning…”

Musicians Daniel and Lauren Goans have been performing together for just over 3 years, and through their journey in becoming Lowland Hum, they have spent more months of the past few years on the road than at home. Because of this, the 48 hour residency intrigued them, offering them the opportunity to actually know the city rather than just passing through. After touring many surrounding neighborhoods, riding through the city via Cultural Trail and the  Indiana Pacers Bikeshare, and meeting many artists and downtown residents, Lowland Hum set about their next task- writing a song about Indianapolis.

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By 4 o'clock on Wednesday, they premiered their song to a small group gathered in the Harrison Center's Gallery No. 2. Influenced largely by the hospitality and stories of the people they met, and the integration of art throughout the city, their beautiful song is a perfect blend of Daniel’s energetic rhythms and Lauren’s pure floating melodies.