Harrison Center Artist: Kathryn Dart Q&A



1)  Background:  What made you decide to pursue encaustics?  How did this desire develop (something from your childhood or simply thought you might like to try it)?

I have always been a creative person, but I never considered myself an "artist" until I found my medium: encaustic.  A friend of mine had just learned the basics, and I was fascinated.  So she fired up the hot plate and showed me how it worked. I was completely hooked and from there, I began experimenting with different ways to harness this very unpredictable yet beautiful medium.

2) What typifies that kind of work/art you have been doing during the past few years?  Public pieces, commissions, art?

I tend to follow my own whims when it comes to what I work on, drawing from life experiences and interesting conversations. Then I look for places to show it and share it. I usually concentrate on a single body of work at a time, and when it is complete, I've already formed the next idea.

3) Are there any new types of commissions or art that you are excited to be transitioning into?  Or any new themes you're incorporating?  How do you challenge yourself in your work?

Lately I have been interested in working more sculpturally, and I would love to transition to working on installations. Something about transforming and incorporating the space itself into a work of art really captivates me. As for new themes, I can't help but see how the birth and life of my daughter is influencing my work. 

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4) What is your favorite type of work or art you like to do?  Why?

I love to make work that engages people and starts a conversation. The drive to create art is a deep and personal one, but sharing it with others is the payoff.  So I make art that interests me in hopes that someone else will feel the same way.

5) How long have you been at the Harrison Center?

I've had my studio at the Harrison Center for about 3 years, and I've loved every minute of it!

6) Please feel free to share any pertinent information about yourself.

I have nothing exciting to say, Jonathan. Can you make something up?

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