(HS) Senior Citizens

Untitled design (18)
Untitled design (18)

1st row: Paysen Cole, Thulani Smith, Rubi Mallers; 2nd row: Charlton Taylor II, Caitlin Cutsinger, Max Maurer; 3rd row: Libby Bowling, Elyse Rhodes, Eli Hasper

Our high school senior interns have closed out the year and are getting ready for graduation. It's an exciting time for them and we want to celebrate their success. Here's a glimpse into their future:

Max Maurer & Paysen Cole, sound interns, both just happen to be going to Kalamazoo College. Max is starting out studying sociology while Paysen will be minoring in music theory.

Thulani Smith & Eli Hasper, our video interns, will take different directions. Thulani is going to Butler for visual media production, while Eli will be heading to UIndy to study forensic science.

Caitlyn Cutsinger had a dance internship with us and is heading to Wayne State in Detroit to study dance and musical theater.

Intern Rubi Mallers is taking on FoodCon, a festival that will take place here in July. She has plans to study art/occupational therapy at IUPUI.

Elyse Rhodes, an art intern, will study art and marketing at Calvin College.

Libby Bowling, our IMAF coordinator, will study public and environmental affairs at IUPUI.

Last but not least, music intern Charlton Taylor II is going to the Illinois Art Institute-Chicago and will study music production.

Congratulations to all of these scholars. We look forward to seeing their accomplishments.