In Recognition of Emily Vanest

Although we are thankful all year long here at the Harrison Center, the holidays are a time to draw particular attention to topics which make us feel especially grateful. Earlier this year, Emily Vanest left us to take a new position at The Switchboard, a co-working space in the growing community of Fountain Square. We certainly miss Emily and we are very grateful for her years of service to the Harrison Center. Studio sponsorships are a great way to support the Harrison Center and help individual artists at the same time. Recently the studios of three artists have been sponsored in recognition of the work of Emily Vanest and her time as Program Director for the Harrison Center.

Five years ago, we discovered that Emily could learn any process and do almost any task, so her responsibilities grew. She was good at writing so she took on the essential tasks of related to grant writing and marketing. She is especially good at organization, relationships and inter-personal communication so she took on the roles of HR director, office manager, bookkeeper, grant writer–the whole deal.  Emily’s able presence was felt in every area of the HCA. She nurtured art patrons by making connections with long time neighborhood residents and newcomers to Indianapolis. Through all her efforts, she helped build community around the Harrison Center and sold art in the process.  This was good for everyone.

The studios of three Harrison Center artists, Quincy Owens, Kyle Ragsdale and Kipp Normand, have been sponsored for the last quarter of 2017 in honor of Emily’s years of service.  The three were part of a group of artists who were commissioned to provide art for the interior of The Switchboard. We are grateful for Emily's many contributions to the Harrison Center and look forward to partnering with her in her new role at The Switchboard.

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