Talk to Kyle Ragsdale for any length of time and you will discover how he loves the theatre. It comes through in his personality, his home, his style, his art. In addition to regularly attending plays, he has designed sets for the Phoenix Theatre, Indy Fringe and the popular Summer Stock Stage series at Park Tudor where he serves as Art Director. This year, in a brilliant partnership with the Indiana Repertory Theatre, he produced a painting to represent each of the 9 plays in their 2014-15 season. The Harrison Center is pleased to present Ragsdale's new exhibit, In the Evening Air, which opens tonight in the Harrison Gallery and Annex. The show, much of which he painted during a month-long stint at the Vermont Studio Center earlier this year, is comprised of three distinct styles. As I viewed this beautifully varied body of work, I began to imagine the paintings as a three-act play, set in Vermont and following a group of artists through a day, into evening, then finally into their dreams...and they are some crazy dreams.

So, here's a sampling. I hope you'll enjoy a few scenes from:

IN THE EVENING AIR A Show in Three Acts by Kyle Ragsdale

ACT I Scene I SETTING:  The Vermont countryside on a late summer afternoon.


Outdoor Pageant


Walking Back From the Swimming Hole

ACT II Scene I SETTING: In the evening, outside their studios, artists gather to discuss the events of the day.




In the Evening Air

ACT III Scene I SETTING: Finally retiring at the end of a long day, thoughts of pageants, plays, circuses and artists past blend to form the stuff that dreams are made of.


Would Be Swimmer and the Lil' Pig


Splendid Revelry

I hope you'll join us for In the Evening Air. The curtain rises at 6:00 sharp!