Indiana State Museum

Indianapolis is jam packed with gems. Take a stroll from the cultural trail to White River State Park. Hop on the canal and you'll soon find yourself in front of a stunning visual of colors right in front the Indiana State Museum. However, the museum is host to more than just city-views; inside, too, are gems.

The Indiana State Museum (ISM) has a number of brilliant exhibitions and collections. Though Indiana based, its appeal goes beyond Hoosiers. Walk inside from the canal and enter the 270,000 square feet museum facility. The museum houses approximately 542,000 cultural and natural history items. It's a celebration of the arts, culture, and science of Indiana.

Did you know that Indiana once was home to mastodonts and mammoths (pre-historic elephants)? The ISM has a vast collection of archeological and paleobiology artifacts. Curators and archeologists conduct digs across the state that add new and unearthing facts about this state. Keep your ears open for the upcoming exhibits and collections to be displayed, especially the Elephant Graveyard. Find out more info at

On the top floor of the ISM, you'll discover fine art. They can't display all 8,000 pieces at once, so you'll have to frequent the museum to see all the pieces. The collection includes an enormous number of paintings from the famous Hoosier Group, including 350 paintings by T.C. Steele. The visual styles span across 200 years of Indiana history and include Post-impressionism, Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, Modern, and Contemporary. Many of these artists are world-renowned. The ISM offers the opportunity to get up close to Hoosier art.

The museum is also host to special exhibits. On display currently is Amazing Maize (the science, history, and culture of corn) and Nikon Small World (a contest highlighting the world's best photomicrographers). Stay up-to-date as exhibitions will come and go throughout the year.

The Indiana State Museum is a gem both inside and out. Outside the view of Indianapolis is stunning. Inside, the view is substantial and varied with rich history, famous art, and archeological discoveries that make the ISM a true gem of the city and state.