Intern Rubi Mallers takes on FoodCon VI

12346430_1268840963141391_5180551325603011304_n Intern Rubi Mallers, a recent Herron High School graduate, is currently planning FoodCon, our annual unconventional convention that celebrates the art and culture of food in Indiana. Rubi is no stranger to the food industry—she is currently working at Fat Dan's and has been in the restaurant business for years. "I've worked in restaurants since the day I got my license- Ethiopian, catering for weddings, modern Mexican, and Chicago style food & bar." she says. Rubi has been an intern at the Harrison Center for the duration of her senior year. She began her internship working in one of the Harrison Center's artist studios, made her way to the City Gallery and then took on the FoodCon project. "FoodCon has proved that the neighborhoods in Indy are really working together to help cure food deserts and to eat healthier in general." The Englewood neighborhood garden  really inspires and amazes Rubi--the idea that anyone can walk up and pick something. "These small, sustainable farms show so much selflessness throughout our community."


FoodCon V

Rubi will be going to IUPUI and would like to earn a master's degree in art therapy. She is planning for a double major in undergrad in (hopefully) ceramics at Herron School of Art + Design and business admin/management at Kelly School of Business. She loves the idea of bringing all sorts of people and abilities together to create a safe environment for conversation and feel good therapy.

You can see the fruits of her labor at FoodCon VI presented by Basic Needs, Simple Solutions on July 1st at the Harrison Center for the Arts.