Julia Zollman Wickes, A Connection to Place

14559981_10155336637046038_241611473211363036_o This month in the Gallery Annex, the Harrison Center presents work by Julia Zollman Wickes. Wickes is a painter of imaginative and expressive portraits, landscapes, and illustrations. Inspired by the narrative of daily life, Wickes searches for subjects wherever she goes — all over the world — thus the exhibit title, A Connection to Place.

29507760834_fdb638ef48_kDay's End

Wickes draws inspiration from the work of the Bay Area Figurative Artists (California artists of the Post-World War II era)—particularly Richard Diebenkorn and his "use of bold color in abstract blocks, his incorporation of heavy contrasts between shadows and light, and his use of both figurative and abstraction within the same work."

Julia aims to tell stories through her paintings which are sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative. She lives, paints and teaches art classes in downtown Indianapolis, with a studio in the Stutz Building where she offers private painting classes and workshops.


Moving Forward

A Connection to Place hangs in the Gallery Annex through October 28.