Keeping up with Owens + Crawley

In case you you don't know them, the nationally recognized Owens + Crawley are the dynamic duo of Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley. Their public art is being installed all over Indiana as well as in museums and parks around the country. Quincy is a studio artist in the Harrison Center and Luke is a teacher at University High School. The two met at Herron High School where Quincy taught art and Luke taught physics. They got to know each other and began collaborating, mixing art and science into some incredible sculptures. Here is a look at a couple of there most recent projects.

Numen is an homage and exploration of the three elements in the corresponding definition: natural object, phenomenon, and place. It is a 6'h x 24'w x 10"d lighted wall relief installed at Huntington University in Huntington, IN.  Numen, first, explores the spiritual force within a natural object by emulating the reduced image of a landscape by incorporating colors that embody the mood of earth, water and sky. This natural landscape is then juxtaposed by manufactured materials (steel and plastic).

Palm, December 2017, 16'h x 4'w x 4'd, Weathering steel, aluminum, acrylic, 2830 S. Holt Road, Indianapolis, IN

"We were intentional about listening to the community at Community Caring and Sharing (CC&S) throughout the process of designing an artwork for their new greenspace.  Our goal was to create a physical embodiment of the people and work that happens at this faith-based community organization.  Since CC&S is so strongly rooted in its community, we began by seeking inspiration in the larger Mars Hill neighborhood context, researching the history of the neighborhood and how it functions today."

Want to see more? Come to the Harrison Gallery on Friday, February 2 from 6 to 9pm for the opening of Owens + Crawley's show, Quantum Leap.