Light Reading

The Harrison Center's Nikki Owens, Kipp Normand and Alicia Zanoni traveled to Delhi, India last month to participate in a 3-week artist residency at Reflection Art Studios. We will be sharing their experiences and the work they created here.

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Nearly all humans have remarkably similar DNA, only small differences provide enough information to identify populations from different parts of the world.

The theme for the International Artist Residency at Reflection Art Studios this year was the word "small," so I decided to collaborate with my new friend Lincy Scariya and together we would work to come up with an idea for the show. We sat in the studio for a few days talking and playing with different materials trying to figure out what we wanted to do. We were weaving together several different things out of newspapers and old magazines when I came across an advertisement for DNA testing. At that moment, Lincy told me she knew how to weave a DNA strand and that was it. We knew exactly what we wanted to do with the theme "small."

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It was an interesting process, beginning with finding old newspapers and cutting them up in order to create these rolls of paper that we would then begin weaving together. We spent the next two weeks rolling hundreds of sheets of newspaper. During that time we would read the articles, classified ads and more realizing that the stories in the paper were also the makeup of the world. So we decided that our structures needed to be big. We made several, all in all adding up to about 20 feet in length and we titled the piece "Light Reading." and you can read the description below.

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