Marketplace: A Gathering of Ideas

As a traditional gathering place for goods and services, marketplaces, large and small, bring together communities to exchange not only physical items, but also ideas. The same could be said for art galleries. This month Marketplace in the Harrison Center Gallery (through October 28) combines the ideas and exchanges between mother/daughter artists Kristin Divers and Autumn Ghubril as they interpret the subject of marketplaces, in different ways, from their travels.



Working in pastel, Kristin’s paintings focus on the human figure and face, depicting people in their environments and moments from everyday life. The subjects of her paintings are living their day-to-day lives.  Autumn, who paints in oil, leans more to the urban landscape and the feeling of the location where these gatherings take place. Both draw on the at-a-glance scenes and beauty of their subject matter and feature vibrant, pure colors building impressionistic layers.

Untitled design (5)

Side by side, it’s easy to see the influence each artist had on the other. Despite living in different cities, the artists often worked together in the same space in the preparation of the exhibition. While their work has been hung together in the past, this is their first showing together, with Autumn commenting, “It’s the collaboration between my mom and me that I believe is the strength of our show. I hope people can appreciate the similarities that the exhibition’s theme brings out between two very different artists.”

To learn more about the artists, visit and, and come see the work in person at the October 7 opening from 6-9pm.