Meet Aine Montgomery

With the start of August comes a sharp increase in plaid skirts and khaki pants around the Harrison Center office spaces. School is back in session, and as happens every year, some students have migrated over to the Harrison Center for their internships. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to these interns, and getting to know their story and specific roles in their internship.In this post we'll highlight Aine Montgomery, a senior at Herron High School who will be using her musical interests to advance the Harrison Center's community engagement projects.

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Aine Montgomery is a dedicated member of both her community and YAT (Young Actors Theatre). During her Harrison Center internship, Aine will combine her interests to develop musical programs which directly engage the community. Currently, Aine is working with several other interns to create a “Hip-Hoperetta”­­—musical tour of a neighborhood—specifically for IPS School #43 to learn about the Maple Crossing area. Through this internship experience, she hopes to “create new relationships with people in my community and to discover [more of my] talents or strengths.”

Aine was drawn to the Harrison Center because of its emphasis on serving the community, and she hopes to raise awareness of all the opportunities available at the HCA.

An active member in her own neighborhood in Mapleton-Fall Creek, Aine volunteers at the Children’s Museum and helps maintain a community garden. She is a talented actor and director, and devotes much of her free time to singing and acting. Her favorite TV shows are Jane the Virgin, New Girl, and (occasionally) Bachelor in Paradise—“the drama is hard not to watch.”

Bonus Question: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant-sized duck? Why?

“100 duck-sized elephants. I don’t really like ducks and elephants are cute.”

Bonus Question: Which is the best TV show: The Office, Parks and Recreation, or 30 Rock?

Parks and Rec is a good show, but I’ve been watching The Office longer, so I’ll say The Office.”