Meet Charlie Sorrells

In this post we'll highlight Charlie Sorrells, a senior at Herron High School interested in combining his love of filmmaking with the mission of the Harrison Center.

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During his video internship, Charlie is working with other video interns to document events and stories relating to the HCA. He hopes to expand his creative and technical skill sets, as well as learn how to professionally interact with clients. The Harrison Center dedicates space in their Video Cave for this sort of video production, and creates many opportunities for their interns to hone video skills, such as at First Friday or events around Herron High School. Through the variety of projects covered, Charlie also hopes to grow in experimentation.

The Harrison Center stood out to Charlie as a uniquely community-bent arts organization with the, "unquestionable motivation to really turn Indy into a scene for art,...[but] not [solely] to profit from it." The intentional community engagement and companionship with grassroots artists leads Charlie to view to Harrison Center to be a sort of "mini-Hollywood of Indiana."

Charlie is intensely passionate about the power of film to tell stories and create awareness of various topics. Experimentation is very important to Charlie, and in his opinion, encapsulates the essence of art. Not only does he create video work, he has also experimented with painting, photography, and even songwriting. Stanley Kubrick is his favorite filmmaker, due to his perfectionism and dedication to his craft, and John Lennon is one of his favorite artists.

Bonus Question: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant sized duck? Why?

".I have honestly thought about this question for about five minutes straight and I cannot come up with a valid answer"

Bonus Question: Which is the best TV show: The Office, Parks and Recreation, or 30 Rock?

".The Office, duh"