Meet Kristin Divers

HCAheadshot, color
HCAheadshot, color

We'd like to welcome and introduce our newest studio artist, Kristin Divers. You may have seen Kristin's work in the City Gallery last year. The work from her show, "What's Your Pleasure?" captured some of her favorite Indy places in her medium of choice, pastel. Her work depicts "people and their environments, reflecting moments in time from the lives and activities of everyday individuals."

With a background in art therapy, Divers took her first pastel class in 2000 and was soon hooked. She recently received the 2016 Pastel Journal Award at the Pastel Society of America's 44th Annual Exhibition in New York.

Her latest work can be seen next month in the Harrison Gallery when she and daughter, Autumn Ghubril present "Marketplace." This show will feature work inspired by marketplaces around the world where people gather to exchange goods, services, and ideas.

You can find Kristin in Studio #50, which she shares with Matt Kenyon and Alicia Zanoni.