Meet Moriah Miller

As the temperature rises and the days get longer, the Harrison Center for the Arts welcomes a new set of interns, each of them given the opportunity to express their ideas in a specific area that catches their eye. Throughout the summer, we will be introducing each intern through these very blog posts. While we get to know who the are, we will also learn what brought them to the Harrison Center.

In this post, we are introducing Moriah Miller, a Florida native and a student at Covenant College in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Moriah is a part of the Creative Place-Making team for Maple Crossing and is using her creativity to help bring the neighborhood together.  

18 hours, 1,150 miles, and a couple pit stops to visit family are the things that encompassed Moriah’s journey from Naples, Florida to the Harrison Center for the Arts. A Philosophy major at Covenant College (Class of 2018) with plans to spend three months studying abroad in Japan, Moriah is adding the HCA to her list of new destinations. With a team of four others, Moriah is currently focused on Creative Place-Making at the intersection of 38th and Illinois, also known as Maple Crossing. During her internship, Moriah hopes to gain a stronger love for Indianapolis and a better understanding of nonprofit business. The Harrison Center is truly a one of a kind organization in Moriah’s eyes. She loves how the HCA cares for the community through the arts and tries to connect to everyone, even the non-artists out there. According to Moriah, “as a philosophy major, I don’t see myself as an artist," but she was still drawn to the Harrison Center because she felt comfortable in the space.

Originally interested in arts culture, Moriah started to research organizations in that field, essentially looking for a place like the Harrison Center but not having any luck in finding one. Then, Joanna Taft came to speak at Covenant and Moriah saw that as an opportunity to get involved. She immediately introduced herself to Joanna and explained how she was interested in an internship opportunity, which lead to conversations with previous interns and Moriah eventually packing her bags and moving to Indy for a summer.

When she’s not creating art to brighten up Maple Crossing, Moriah spends her time watching Twin Peaks or Sherlock. Her favorite movies also include; Swing Street, Prince of Egypt, and Interstellar. Moriah is also an avid music lover and is often listening to Queen, which is her all time favorite.

Bonus Questions:

1) Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant sized duck? Why?

“Definitely the little ones…ducks can be scary…”

2) What’s your favorite and least favorite food?

“My favorites are guacamole, ramen, and Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked”

“Least favorite has to be seafood…”