Meet music intern Noah Owens

In this post we'll highlight Noah Owens, a Herron High School student to whom the Harrison Center is a second home. During his media and songwriting internship, Noah will produce music in response to certain locations around Indianapolis. The Harrison Center has supported multiple intern programs like this and Noah's work will continue the HCA's focus on place-based music. Noah is interested in art, music, skateboarding, and song writing, and hopes to gain a better sense of song composition, as well as opportunities to experiment with a variety of musical styles.


The Harrison Center for the Arts has always been a part of Noah's life-- "I grew up at the Harrison Center, I've been here since I was three with my parents, [Quincy and Nikki Owens]." With both parents working at the HCA, Noah is, "involved and has been involved with the arts [his] whole life, from painting and drawing to now more music-based and songwriting."


Noah's time is split between school downtown at Herron High School and his home in Greenwood, where he engages in his community through meeting new people at the local skatepark. His artistic inspirations include a broad spectrum of music (grunge, rock, 90s hip hop, modern blues, jazz, hard rock, punk), as well as the Asian art wing of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Bonus Question: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized elephants or 1 elephant-sized duck? Why?

"I'd rather fight an elephant-sized duck. I know it might not be the right answer for winning, but it would just be a cool experience if it were an elephant-sized duck."

Bonus Question: Favorite or least favorite food?

"My absolute favorite food is probably a sandwich, because there are so many variations of a sandwich that open many doors to flavor enlightenment."