Meet Nabil Ince

Nabil Ince, from Columbia, MD,  a suburb of Baltimore,  is our newest music resident at the Harrison Center for the Arts.  A hip-hop musician, he  draws inspiration from artists Snarky Puppy, Hiromi, and Chance the Rapper, but attributes his writing style and decision to pursue a career in music to Chattanooga poet Genesis the Greykid. On a personal level, he is inspired by his father.

While this is Nabil’s first visit to Indianapolis, it is not his first time using music to benefit the community around him. He has worked with inner city children with an emphasis on group music lessons and music education for social change. Nabil says he loves being able to help kids through music.

Nabil’s focus in Indianapolis will be writing about the Maple Crossing area of 38th and Illinois.  He is intrigued by the Cheatham and Moore barbershop as well as Margie’s Costumes and the other businesses along Illinois. Exploring Maple Crossing’s history and its people will then inspire his music. Nabil hopes to learn more about downtown Indianapolis, too.   However, he is also interested in further developing his own creative process and hopes that this experience will help him grow as a musician.

From Indianapolis, Nabil will go to  Chattanooga to work with East Lake Expression Engine’s summer program. Afterwards, he is off to Kenya to lead music at an annual conference. Keep an ear out for Nabil’s new songs as he shares with us the beauty he finds in Indianapolis.   

Bonus Questions:

Parks and Rec, The Office, or 30 Rock?

“Oh, definitely The Office.”

Would your rather fight 100 duck-sized elephants or one elephant-sized duck?

“I feel like I’d be able to finesse an elephant-sized duck.”