Meet Regan Whistler

As a student at Herron High School, Regan Whistler is very familiar with the Harrison Center, for it is a “backbone” of the community for many Herron students. When she attended one of the Harrison Center’s popular First Fridays, she was immediately enthralled with the the building’s creative space and the people within it, so when she reached her senior year, she immediately looked into becoming an intern here.

At the Harrison Center, Regan is coordinating the Independent Music + Art Festival (IMAF). Both programs allow her to develop event planning and networking skills that will help her in her future career(s). These events and the experience she acquires in planning them contribute to her favorite thing about interning here at the Harrison Center - the “progressiveness of the environment.” Regan views the Harrison Center’s ability to integrate their wonderful, urban surrounding as a key to serving not only their own artists but also the community members around them. Her work with IMAF has also developed her understanding of how to make a community grow, and she wishes to be part of such advancement.

Regan is proud to be an intern at the Harrison Center because of its impact on Indianapolis and its creative, unique residents. Through the Harrison and her projects, she wishes to create events that are “lively and places where people can leave feeling like they are more grounded in their community.”

Fun facts about Regan:

Skills = performance arts with Young Actors Theatre and NoExit Performance

Hobbies = horseback riding

Favorite food = mashed potatoes + green bean casserole

Favorite color = seafoam blue + light yellow

Favorite subject = Environmental Science