Meet the Hickmans

Pat and Stephanie Hickman first stepped foot in Indiana in November of 2012 for a job interview.  They were already familiar with Indy, and from the very beginning hoped this was where they would land. They were attracted to how the city was divided into neighborhoods. "We had heard that Indy was a big city with a small town feel," says Stephanie "The first time we drove into

Fountain Square

and down Pleasant Street, the closeness of the houses and the crowded street we felt like this was home." They came from a neighborhood in Denver that was part of an urban redevelopment effort which inspired them to live in the city. With its walkability, shared green spaces and sense of community, Fountain Square became their home.  "With her eclectic charm, FS instantly put me at ease. My lawn didn't have to be perfect. I could have some weeds, some scratches on my floors, some dirt on my kiddos." according to Stephanie. Speaking of kiddos, Pat & Stephanie have three, Hogan, Patton and Libby.


The interview was a success and Pat became the pastor of Fountain Square Presbyterian Church, a church made up of many neighbors. A painting by Kyle Ragsdale made a huge impact on their family relationship with the arts and artists. The Hickmans are also regulars during First Friday events at the Harrison Center for the Arts and have a deep appreciation for the city of Indianapolis!