Erin Hüber and Christina Hollering have created a powerful, two-woman show called, “Metamorphosis” that hangs for the month of November in the Speck Gallery.  The works are expressive and thought-provoking, featuring artwork that is primarily done using cut paper process. The show explores the subject of rebirth, renewal and growth as it is expressed in both nature and human experience.

In the artists’ words: “Just as a moth requires struggle to emerge strong and ready for flight, we often grow mentally and spiritually after a period of difficulty and discomfort. Similarly, paper cutting is a process of cutting away and discarding what no longer serves us, transforming a flat, lifeless sheet into art.”

Meticulous craftsmanship and creative exploration of various media make the work in this show not only unique and fascinating but beautiful as well. It’s difficult to breeze through the gallery with such captivating imagery on the walls.  While Hüber and Hollering’s work plays off of each other nicely, each artist has been true to the themes that drive their work.

Poison Dart Frogs, Christina Hollering

Christina has built a reputation for seeing what is aesthetically pleasing about insects and reptiles and elevating them into art that even “non-bug loving” viewers are drawn to. She shows us the delicate and lacy beauty of a dragonfly’s wing using Mylar and colored pencil, yet she also demonstrates the symmetry of nature with graphic and colorful depictions of leaves and stems.

Grandmother's Wisdom, Erin Hüber

 Erin’s pieces tell the story of her deep devotion to family and home as she explores her deep connections to departed loved ones and ancestors in such a way as to draw the viewer into her journey.  The dreamy spirit of the artwork is rich and symbolic, creating a narrative about seeking the wisdom of those who came before us while embracing our own growth through the struggles we endure.

The combination of these women’s artwork in this space illustrates the experience of transformation while making for a lovely experience for the viewer.