“Mnemosyne” by Aleya Lanteigne

aleya_lanteigne2Lacy Living Room


"Materials have always inspired my work,” furniture designer Aleya Lanteigne explained, “You would not get the same feeling from my pieces if they were made out of a different species of wood, or if they didn’t have my feminine touch.” This month in Hank and Dolly’s Gallery, Aleya Lanteigne presents “Mnemosyne.” Named after the Greek goddess of remembrance, Mnemosyne features the wonderfully and eccentrically designed furniture that has found its origin in Lanteigne’s memories. As a senior preparing to graduate from Herron School of Art and Design, Lanteigne has a great deal on which to reflect, and she is using her work as a visual means of reflection.

aleya_lanteigne1Topography Tables 

“I am drawn to the stability of traditional materials in furniture making,” Lanteigne said, “but I add my own story and history with copper serving as an embellishment for my material that draws the viewer in. This creates a feeling of importance for that piece.”

1.Awkward Table (detail)

Awkward Table

Aleya Lanteigne’s “Mnemosyne,” a show heavy with memory, will be on display in Hank and Dolly’s Gallery throughout the month of May.