Molly Denning’s Endangered Animals: Reuse, Recycle

molly denning “My inspiration really stems from my love for the earth, the earth’s beauty, and the animals inhabiting this great planet,” artist Molly Denning explained.

Featured this month in Hank and Dolly’s Gallery is up and coming artist, Molly Denning. Denning, whose show is entitled Endangered Animals: Reuse, Recycle, created this body of work for her AP Studio Art class during her senior year of high school.

molly denning 2

“This portfolio was created on the central idea of fashioning endangered animals out of reused and recycled material,” Denning said. “After I completed the first few pieces, I decided that I wanted to try and use my collection to educate others, and raise awareness of the importance of recycling in order to preserve our ecosystems and save endangered animals.”

Functioning as a commentary on the effects of irresponsible human activity, Denning’s work presents her viewers with a visual illustration of the problem accompanied by its solution.

“We have an amazingly beautiful planet,” Denning beamed. “I want to do what I can to help preserve it.”