Multi-task with us in Maple Crossing

deering cleaners show  


This Thursday from 5:00 to 7:00pm, we invite you to multitask with us in a most pleasant way! Stop by Deering Cleaners, 3838 N. Illinois Street, drop of your dry cleaning and take in a place-based art exhibit featuring work inspired by the neighborhoods of Maple Crossing. Artists Courtland Blade, Nathan Foxton, Lilly Clarkson, Lauren Ditchley, Alicia Zanoni, Jamahl Crouch and Lorie Lee Andrews have all created work about this Great Places 2020 district. With support from the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, the City of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Chamber, the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership, United Way of Indianapolis, and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, efforts are being focused on transforming these neighborhoods and spurring urban revitalization to improve livability, opportunity, viability and education.

We hope you will stop by this Thursday to take a fresh look at Maple Crossing for yourself and through the eyes of these talented artists!