Music Meets Farming

Ever heard music about urban farming? No? Well, you should check out Doug Enas. Doug is currently completing a singer/songwriter residency at the Harrison Center. The artist is a native Hoosier who has been with the Harrison for a month, but has been a musician his whole life. Before coming to the Harrison Center, Doug was a member of Stagnant Pools, a band that was signed by Polyvinyl Records, and he also spent six months on a dairy farm in Colorado learning about the industry.

His work focuses on integrating urban farming into pop-folk music in order to raise awareness about the importance of local and sustainable farming. During our interview, Doug explained that he sees “local farming and local agriculture as something that people can all agree on. It’s not controversial, and is simple.” In a world filled with disagreement and strife, we can all agree on the basic principle of sustainable farming. Over his six week residency, he will write six songs,  inspired by old farm poems and visits to local farms including South Circle Farm, Indy Urban Acres, and Chickadee Gardens. In a poem by Virgil, vacant land is described as, “an acre or two of land that no one wanted, a path not worth the plowing.” Virgil’s words sprout truth as South Circle Farm got their land from a program that gives new life to unused land from the state. Doug’s sustainable work is not only unique and enjoyable, but also has the potential to make a difference in the urban farming scene. Stay tuned!