New space carved out for sound projects



If there's one thing we don't care for here, it is unused space.  That's why much of our 65,000 square foot building has been converted to artist studios.  From former choir lofts to the old safe room, boiler room and gym locker rooms, we've repurposed every available corner for the arts . . . or so we thought.

Last summer, a group of talented interns began to create place-based music about our urban Indy neighborhoods and their projects were so successful that we knew we wanted to grow them.  But the room they used as a studio was available for the summer only.  We needed dedicated space.

You may not be aware that what is now known as Gallery No. 2 was originally a chapel, complete with pews and a pipe organ.  The organ pipes were enclosed behind the stage and since their removal, the space has been used for storage.

So, we had a crazy idea.   45 sunken square feet probably doesn't sound like much, (the floor is a few feet below the stage).  But, here’s the thing – our little storage closet has 20 foot ceilings.  What if we "built up" and doubled the square footage?  And thus the idea for the Sound Cave was born.  We are currently raising funds to complete a build-out with plans to eventually host 48 hour "residencies" that will allow us to continue the place-based work begun by our summer interns.  This secret, subterranean room will function as a rehearsal room/recording studio for future music/video projects that celebrate urban Indy.

Our first residency will take place in January when Chattanoogans Emmett Gienapp and Jason Moore arrive the first weekend of the new year.  Using the Cave as home base, they will learn about Indianapolis from First Friday attendees, then explore and react to Indianapolis based on those interactions, capturing the highlights on video.  Stop by the Sound Cave on January 3rd during First Friday and say "hello."  And look for more place-based projects to come from the Cave in the near future.