Nottingham Forest - the Hanging of the Green

Vulpus Viridis, Kat Widmore December is almost here and at the Harrison Center, that means it's time for our annual, color-themed holiday group show.  And while we've done green before (Wintergreen - cool, fresh, minty art; Crimson and Clover over and over) this year's green show will take a slightly different twist.  It's Nottingham Forest - the Hanging of the Green.  Think Robin Hood, men in (green) tights, and coniferous trees.  Yeah, we know.  It was Sherwood Forest and the Sheriff of Nottingham, but since our new neighbors, Nottingham Realty Group are graciously sponsoring the show, we thought you could work with us on this one.  And the hanging of the green?  Well, we're hanging plenty of green art--over 50 artists are participating in this group show!

As always, there is much more to see here on First Friday.  Here's a brief rundown:

  • In the Harrison Gallery and Annex: Nottingham Forest group show.
  • In the Gym: Indieana Handicraft Exchange Winter Mini with 32 vendors from 5- 10pm.  A great place to find unique holiday gifts!

Indieana Handicraft Exchange

  • In the City Gallery: Everything Has a Place - new work by Barbara Knuckles.  Knuckles paints well-known Indianapolis objects, but "moves" them a short distance from their proper places. By recontextualizing these familiar sites, they can be appreciated in new ways.

Across the River, Barbara Knuckles

  • In Gallery No. 2: Borshoff presents Homographs with work by Herron School of Art + Design painting students.
  • In Hank & Dolly's Gallery: Ritual Residue - Nevada Buckley.  Buckley creates wordless "diaries" combining elements of printmaking, sculpture, and mixed media.
  • Throughout the building: open studio night with the HCA's 32 studio artists.
  • At VSA Indiana: Make. Believe.  12 VSAI artists selling work just in time for the holidays.  You'll have to see what they make to believe it!

Nottingham Realty Group

When you've made your way through all of the galleries and artist studios, head across 16th Street to say hello to our friends at Nottingham Realty and see more green art there, too!

So, pull out those green tights and we'll see you on Friday, December 7th.  Handicraft Exchange starts at 5pm.  Nottingham Forest artist reception starts at 6pm.  The work hangs through December 28th.