Pathways, Vessels and Destinations


Effortlessly pivoting between ethereal and grounded, William Lutz's paintings conjure an impossibly intriguing world within Hank and Dolly's Gallery. Towering, rugged peaks loom out from among violet clouds, reaching towards a glowing, ghostly moon. Truffela-like trees emerge from a rippling pool, reflecting the cotton candy sky. And a figure stands dark and alone, backlit by a clouded atmosphere.


The breadth and intensity of the color palette develops the mood of each piece, ranging from playful pastel primary colors; deep, mysterious plums; eerily soothing blues and greens; and bright, hopeful yellows. Local color is abandoned in exchange for powerful, expressive hues, reminiscent of those favored by animators. The landscape, people, animals, and technology existing in this painted world are introduced, but their full story never extrapolated. Walking among these artworks is like sifting through the concept art for a film destined for major blockbuster success, still lingering in the stages of anonymity.


Come visit Hank and Dolly's Gallery this November to experience Lutz's enthralling world in person, and imagine for yourself what stories can be found among the paint and canvas.