Your Porch Parties, No. 4

Well, you did it! We asked you to join us in hosting a city-wide porch party on July 13th and we were overwhelmed by the response.  Thanks to those of you who have sent us photos and accounts of the day. We’ll be sharing many of them here. So, enjoy! And if you haven’t had  a porch party of your own, what are you waiting for? image-2

Sunday afternoons, a buzzing neighborhood full of activity and a porch inviting all of the passersby to stop, grab a plate of food, a cold drink and stay awhile.  The fountain in the front garden trickling and an old quilt inviting folks to sit under the towering Lindens and rest.  Everyone joining brings some enticing dish to add to the feast.  Most folks linger and stay the afternoon wishing Monday morning away and happy for the chance to catch up with neighbors and friends.


Sunday afternoons remind us of a time gone by and also of why we choose to live in our neighborhood.  All glad to be part of the fiber that creates and defines the friendly place we call home.

Thomas Stark Herron Morton Place