Your Porch Parties, No. 5

Well, you did it! We asked you to join us in hosting a city-wide porch party on July 13th and we were overwhelmed by the response.  Thanks to those of you who have sent us photos and accounts of the day. We’ll be sharing many of them here. So, enjoy! And if you haven’t had  a porch party of your own, what are you waiting for?


The thing that makes Herron-Morton Place so special can be summed up in one word, community.  Having a porch party is a common event in the warm months.  Imagine sitting out on the porch enjoying the weather, one neighbor pops by to say hi, then another and soon your porch is filled with neighbors and friends laughing and drinking wine.  Our old historic homes support this sense of community with their large welcoming front porches, but it's the people that really make this neighborhood great.  By having a common goal of neighborhood improvement and urban development it creates a sense of pride and brings people together.  I am thankful everyday for being a part of this passionate, kind and supportive community.  Our neighbors are not just people living close by, they are family and for that I am truly humbled and grateful.

porch4 porch3

Lindsay Newton Herron-Morton Place