Your Porch Parties, No. 7

Well, you did it! We asked you to join us in hosting a city-wide porch party on July 13th and we were overwhelmed by the response.  Thanks to those of you who have sent us photos and accounts of the day. We’ll be sharing many of them here. So, enjoy! And if you haven’t had  a porch party of your own, what are you waiting for? photo photo2

I'm very inspired by my neighbors and neighborhood. There are so many nice people here, I felt welcomed right away.

 We have been living in Ransom Place for 3 months now and after I found the article in the Urban Times, I got together with a neighbor who is active in the neighborhood association and we both planned parties, then many other houses hosted too. I met many new neighbors and we chatted for hours and hours. It was a good day!

Thank you for heading up this endeavor, we all had a great time and it cemented some friendships that I think will enrich our lives and the community.

Jan Rhodes


ANOTHER porch party success!  At least seven houses on Paca St. hosted a porch party. We met many new neighbors. It was great to meet so many nice people and new friends!!!