More Porch Parties!

  HarrisonCenter_Jun2014billboardOur newest billboard -- Porch Party -- went up today.  We are loving summer and the chance to be out on our front porches again.  Most nights find us outside . . . sometimes by ourselves with a book and a glass of wine, and sometimes with neighbors who serendipitously gather there.  The City Gallery is hoping to host a record-breaking, city wide porch party on July 13.  If you haven’t signed up to host (we’ll give you a $25 gift card if you do!), you can register here.  For some inspiration, Some King Park area residents shared their recent porch party experiences with us here:


baby on porch

Angelin Fisher "Last week, I was looking at the extended forecast. When I saw how beautiful and warm it was supposed to be this week, I decided that the forecasted 80 degree temperatures would be the perfect time to have a sprinkler party. Other moms that I knew from a church bible study and some neighbors agreed with my plan and, keeping it easy and casual we decided to make it a pitch in. At the appointed date and time, moms and tots were greeted with brilliant sunshine and warm summer-like weather that made the squeals of delight from under the sprinkler even more joyful. We enjoyed a variety of delicious salads, apple pie and for the critters, the ubiquitous summer time staple, Popsicles. All in all it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon."


fisher porch

Mick Peek We had a birthday party for Ben on Sunday June 8.  Ben organized a two hour bicycle ride starting at the Monument Circle downtown.

The kids ended the ride at our home.  All of these kids ride bicycles downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. We have a back porch but the kids all wanted to be in front.   Many of the kids attend Herron High School which is 3 blocks away.  They came from as far away as Plainfield, Geist, and Irvington. It was a warm sunny afternoon-great for an outdoor gathering!   People walked by on the sidewalk and rode by on bicycles.

Jenni Dubach Bliss "Ah, Hail No!"

Ten minutes before my porch party, a blanket of hail covered my yard.  In May.  I had already determined the party was to be indoors, but this was ice-ing on the cake!  I kept my front door open, despite the gorgeous weather, and tried to look as inviting as possible while Elsa is puking on your porch. The indoor shift certainly hindered the organic "hey, come on over;  oh yeah, I forgot;  be right there" intent of the porch party.  However, it was quickly replaced with intentionality.  The people that really intended on coming, waited until Elsa felt better, then forged onward.  And stayed...for 5 hours.

Typically when I gather socially, it's based on a commonality that lends to little diversity.  Same church, same friends, same interests.  But a gathering of neighbors can bust that monotonous pattern because the only commonality is location.  Especially in the colorful and vibrant community of Herron Morton. Seven people in attendance and yet, racial, religious, sexual and demographic diversity was a blissfully stimulating launching pad for amazing conversation.  It expands the mind.  It lets the commonality of humanity be the dominant theme.  It's invigorating.  Sad to need a porch party excuse to reach out in such a way, but thankful for the experience that such an opportunity provided.

Expand thy world.  Expand thy mind.  Expand thy soul....Porch it up!