Random Thoughts on the Independent Music + Art Festival

If you want to learn all about this Saturday’s Independent Music + Art Festival, it won’t be hard.  From Facebook events, blogposts, newspaper photo galleries, more blogposts, band countdowns, top 5 lists and more . . . the info is out there.  So, knowing that all of the big stuff has been covered, I offer:

Random Thoughts on the Independent Music + Art Festival

imaf forecast


As of Tuesday evening, the forecast for Saturday is a high of 76 degrees with a 10% chance for precipitation.  Maybe it's not very rock-and-roll to take the perspiration out of the event, but I'm saying sunshine, great music/art and 76 degrees (as opposed to 95) sounds like a dream come true.


Bazbeaux, an advisory board favorite

At board chair, Sarah Grant's insistence, the IMAF Advisory Board eats pizza at every meeting.  I like being part of an event that is fueled by mozzarella.


Here’s the Scoop! ceramic ice cream dishes

There’s an awesome assortment of handmade ceramic bowls in my kitchen cabinet representing ice cream from IMAFs past.  Love VSA Indiana's "Here's the Scoop!" booth.

seniors rule

They do!

This is IMAF's 12th year.  If you think of it in terms of school, then IMAF is a senior this year.  Seniors rule.

Modern Arni

“IMAF” also stands for the International Martial Arts Federation, the Island Media Arts Festival, and my personal favorite, the International Modern Arnis Federation.


soda sellers

If you have ever volunteered at IMAF (our IMAF, not the modern arnis one) or are scheduled to volunteer this Saturday, I heart you.  I really, really do.


photo (1)

Christmas in June

People always say that the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange at IMAF is a great place to get a jump on Christmas shopping.  Yeah, that sounds right.  But for me,  around 7:45 (the show is over at 8pm), I realize that, once again, I’ve missed my chance.  Frantically, I race through the rows of vendors and find . . . some fabulous-fill-in-the-blank thing for, well, me.

IMAF is this Saturday, June 8th from noon to 8pm inside and outside the Harrison Center for the Arts.  Hope to see you there.  : )