Realtor Recommendations

  nottingham group

Nottingham Realty Group "This was our very first home buying experience - so my wife and I came into the experience knowing next to nothing about the ins and outs of home buying.  It was important to us that we could learn about the process from an unbiased and knowledgeable source.  At the end of the day, we feel we were able to make the most informed decision on our home, as well as a competitive offer that now has us living in our first house!  It was a really fun process and I can't imagine it being so enjoyable with any other realtors.  I'd certainly recommend the Nottingham Realty Group team to everyone we know." - Mark and Laura Abdon


Stu 2

Stu Harvey, Realtor, Flock Realty

"Stu Harvey assisted me and my wife in purchasing a home in downtown Indianapolis.  It took us eight months to successfully locate a property and close.  During that period we worked closely with Stu and found him to be an exceptionally capable realtor - attentive to every detail, endlessly available for the next showing, continuously informing us of new options on the market, responsive to all our requests,  patiently helping us navigate every obstacle, refreshingly honest and inclusive and always maintaining a pleasant disposition. Thanks to Stu's efforts we found a lovely house and essentially enjoyed what might have been an arduous process." - Hank Chaiklin


wanda fabregas

Wanda Fabregas, Realtor, Carpenter Realtors "Wanda was a joy to work with throughout the entire process! Her personable professional, frank, creative, common sense approach prepared us for a quick and easy house sale. I believe she prepared us with realistic expectations that prevailed from start to conclusion at our asking price. We would recommend Wanda to everyone." - Mary & Bruce B

matt lee

Matt Lee, Sales Associate, Nottingham Realty Group "What is perhaps most impressive is that Matt isn't after a quick sale - he truly wants us to find a property that makes us happy.  I'm convinced that we will find that property - with his help and guidance . . . I'll definitely be recommending Matt to our friends in Indianapolis.  He's the best realtor I've ever worked with!" - Chris and Shasta Grant