Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

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Last year, Josh Plemon was looking for a career change.  When he was offered a job as a floor manager with Adidas, he and his wife Becky decided to pick up their family, leave their small rural Illinois town, and make a move to Indianapolis. They found themselves renting in King Park on the advice of City Gallery staff, “who sang the praises of downtown living (as we were considering suburban life) and our wonderful realtor, Matt Lee, who encouraged us to consider living in one of the new doubles [designed and built by Re-Development Group] on Bellefontaine Street” in the King Park neighborhood.

Josh and Becky plunged into urban life. They enrolled their two children in a neighborhood school and Becky was offered a job at another school in Brookside Park.  They started discovering favorite things about their new home. ”We LOVE the Monon trail and the Cultural trail,” Becky says, “Right now we live just 2 blocks from the Monon. It is so convenient to walk/bike to just about anywhere we want to go. We also love Mass Ave. Some of our favorite restaurants are there, as well as my favorite boutique, Silver in the City. Indy Reads is also a favorite spot with our entire family. We also love the beautiful, historic neighborhoods.”

I asked Becky recently what has been most surprising about Indianapolis . . . and also what has been difficult about the move. “I think I personally have been surprised by the simple friendliness of people here,” she says, “We have been authentically welcomed into our schools, church and ESPECIALLY our neighborhood. Indy also seems to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, which we were not expecting, but appreciate. I would say the only thing that is hard about the city is deciding where to go for quality services (we usually have to ask where the best place to go for things we need). Also, driving around in the winter is hard!!! :)”

Families considering a move downtown often wonder about raising their children in the city. Most find the advantages for kids overwhelming.  Becky says, “Our kids are thriving in the hustle and bustle of the city! It is so good for them to be in a place where there are a variety of cultures, beliefs, and viewpoints represented. Our kids are supplied with an endless choice of activities/destinations that are nearby and easily accessible. They have the privilege of being exposed to beautiful art and architecture on a daily basis. Living downtown has provided us and our children with a strong sense of community as we embrace knowing our neighbors, who are different than us, but with whom we share a common bond. None of these things would be possible if we did not live downtown.”

Josh and Becky are now in the process of buying a home in the neighborhood, where their kids can walk to school and they can be close to all the places they’ve grown to love.  They’re putting down roots here in King Park, working alongside new neighbors and friends investing in the growth and betterment of the city.  And we’re so glad to have them here.