Seer/Sign Painter

32110372916_72451e2f15_kLost Umbrellas


Blending surrealism and abstract expressionism, James D. Shuck's Gallery Annex show, Seer/Sign Painter explores Synthetism and the role of art in exploring the fluidity of reality. Masterfully executed faces are placed among the layers of abstract forms and lines, disrupted by the occasional American flag, skull,  umbrella, or other symbolic object. The expansive pieces are vividly colorful, and imbued with movement and hidden meaning–malleable to the onlooker's interpretation.


Death of Fairviews

In his artist statement, Shuck theorizes that, "Art makes understanding the only possibility. And understanding makes no difference at all." This dismissal of "understanding" art stems from Shuck's admiration of Paul Gauguin, the 19th century painter known for incorporating symbolism, ambiguous spaces, rich colors, and religious undertones in his work. Gauguin, "believed in the presence of transcendent truths," writes Shuck on his website, "or an essence that existed beyond the physical planes and shadows of reality." Shuck's work reflects this belief through abstracting the picture plane and seamlessly integrating indistinct shapes among photorealistic portraits and objects, serving as symbols for religion, politics, and daily life.

James Shuck's work will hang in the Gallery Annex through January 27th. Come see these pieces in person, and infer for yourself what they represent!